Reset your mind and body with a holistic back-to-nature approach to wellness
Movement and Mindfulness through Qigong, Pilates and Walking
Learn new things by being creative and curious.

Why Come To A Retreat?

To take time out from the daily routine in order to care for yourself.
Become refreshed, recharged and reflective
Wild-Stillness gives you the skills of being present. Nature does not judge you. The deep quietness you experience in natural surroundings gives you the space to be yourself, no rules, no shame, no guilt.

What Will You Be Doing?

You will be part of a small friendly group. our guide will hold the space in nature to give you a safe place to realise change.
You can select from a wide range of active and creative events which we enjoy in nature:
Wild Swimming, Nature walks, Qi Gong movements and Pilates.
Being creative with Pottery-dry clay, Stone Painting, Felt making 
Good food, Guided relaxation/meditation
Working with the Celtic wheel of the year and celebrate the ancient festivals.
Making fire and other Ancestral traditions. Moon watching and so much more.

See events page for all the events held throughout the year.
Organised or tailored events available  just for you and your friends.

Your journey begins right here.


Wellness in the beautiful Scottish Borders    Retreats and shorter activities give you space   Allow yourself to be who you truly are.

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