I grew up in Denmark and still visit my family as much as possible. My belief system is firmly rooted in my Scandinavian upbringing and the learnings of my family and friends. I have now lived in the beautiful Scottish Borders for many years.
My back ground is mental health but left in 2004 where I started my own business. I work as a Massage Therapist and teach Pilates and positive movement. Specialising in pain-management, stress relief and well-being and I'm in the middle of becoming a hypnotherapist.

I'm lucky to be studying under Eckhart Tolle and this has helped me to look within myself and find a stillness I knew exited but I didn't know how to reach until now.
I do my best to live "in the present moment"
Not always easy but fantastic peaceful when possible.

I follow a shamanic path. This teaches me to work with my ancestor, nature and fine tune my own listening skills to everything non-man made.
Those two teachings, combined with my own work, have help to relief my own "inner body pain" in many areas of my life
I strongly believe that being with nature helps us mend. Allowing ourselves time to be creative through art, movement and stillness is vital for our physical and mental well-being.   

Wild-Stillness evolved from my own personal journey.
Through sharing and laughter the wish is to derive a unique and enriching experience to enhance your own journey. You can address the love for outdoors through many different activities such as walking, wild swimming etc. Sessions in Pilates and Qigong moves are also offered to improve physical well being. You can also discover your creative side which is an important trait we possess as human beings.
When we come across challenges and obstacles, it is our creativity and stillness that allows us to see the opportunities hidden in them and find peace.