Questions and answers

What to expect

  • Mindful walking: Can be uphill or on flat ground. No more than 3/6 miles all together maybe less.

  • Pilates/Qigong: Gentle and introductory movements with stretching and relaxation. This event is for anyone who would like to try Pilates or Qigong and wants to learn the basics of breathing, relaxation and gentle movement.


  •  Reflection time/meditation: Quiet sitting and reflecting on your thoughts. Might be guided or your own space. Maybe bring a journal.

  • Free-form dance/singing: There is no right way to dance. What works for someone else, may not work for you. No planned steps or moves, no goals, form or sequence. Just move with no judgement, shame or worries of not being enough. The event is for anyone who likes to be creative and move via dance. You don't have to have any experience in any of these things  just enough curiosity to want to try.


  • A chance to loch/river swim/dip/float: Could be simply watching the water and people swim or just touching it with your fingers. Could be a toe dip or a full body immersion. You choose. 

  • Nature art work: Collect abundant things in nature and make your own creation. No experience needed. Art is art in all shapes and forms. It can bring out many emotions when you try to create your special piece.​We will be making drums, felting, dry-clay pottery, stone painting, table decoration or wreath making.

  • Making fire: Enjoying sitting round the fire. watching the flames and keeping cosy. Maybe telling stories or singing


Do I need any experience to join?

Please remember you don't have to feel you are good at any of the events on offer, - just come along and enjoy the company and be a wild free child.
Everyone is welcome - but please make sure your fitness-levels are suitable for your chosen event.
If in doubt please contact me.

How do I get there?

Once you have booked, a WhatsApp group will be created and you can then contact each other if you want and if possible with Covid19 restrictions, arrange sharing
transport. You can also keep in touch and share pictures afterwards. You will also be contacted as to where and when to meet.

Can I come alone?

Absolutely. Sometimes coming alone is an advantage. This can give you a sense of achievement. It is a great chance to meet new people and form new connections.

If the weather is bad?

This trip will go ahead in most weathers. If the weather forecast is severe the day before, the event host will reserve the right to cancel. In that case credits towards
future events are given.
No Refunds given
If you would like to find out more before booking, or have any concerns, please email contactwildstillness@gmail.com

How many people?

All events will run with minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants.
Groups are kept small to be supportive